Special Update – Family Treasure

Special Update

Announcement Alert Concerning Company Growth & Backorders

We are excited to say we are growing and becoming a very popular. With that, we are sad to say we have had our share of growing pains. We are dedicated in making the necessary adjustments to make our customers experience the very best so we can continue to grow and be our best for you!

We have been backordered on many of our products due to not being able to keep up with demand. We also have been backlogged in our customer support desk due to this issue.

Good News! If you 'do not' see an out of stock alert on the product page, then we are 'in stock' and ready to ship today for that item

More Good News! Backorders are being custom made and are expected to be sent out soon from our New York, New York warehouse. Moving forward, we have made the necessary adjustments to meet this awesome demand for 2018 and beyond. Also we are adding new customer service  team members to ensure quality care and speed in answering your questions.

We care so much for each of our customers and that is why we are making this announcement as well -  we believe transparency is key! 

You can expect in the soon days to come: Faster shipping, Faster responses from customer service, and alerts on the product page when an item is back ordered.

We treasure your business and we are here to help you find your treasure!

with ❤️ from FT